12 time zones away in Northern Thailand on a doc shoot inspired by my Dad, dramatic news from home!  By

12 time zones away in Northern Thailand on a doc shoot inspired by my Dad, dramatic news from home!

I have just finished an 18-hour shoot day that started at sunrise with Buddhist monks in the Kingdom of Tigers. We are at the tail end of another emotionally charged international documentary shoot for Global TV’s flagship network program, “16X9″. Running on empty. But 12 hours from getting back on a plane to Canada, when I get The Call.


 It’s skype. It’s my fabulous Toronto creative team (Michele Hozer, Janice Dawe, Nathalie Bibeau) who’ve jumped online to catch me in Chiang Mai to share the news hot off the press!  ”The Traitor’s Daughter” has received funding for the critical first step towards production this summer. It’s a huge surge of confidence from a major provincial funding body. I’m going to share the details as soon as I step foot on terra firma. I don’t know what my mother would think. I hope she’s proud. I am about to realize a life time ambition. A childhood longing. And at last, the story she thought could never be told, will be told. Image 17

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.39.34 PM


Ironically, I am in Thailand, inspired by my Dad’s story:  Please watch for my upcoming documentary special on Global TV on dementia, and what The Tiger Kingdom has to teach Canada and the rest of the Western World. In the meantime, here a couple snaps from our shoot this morning. I’m hitting the sack now!




  1. Gayle Leslie

    Woo hoo! Congratulations!

  2. Wow! Way to go!!!! Enjoy all your updates!

  3. Every comment gives me a little surge of energy on this massive project. Thank you guys. Keep watching. We’re gonna make a movie!

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