Kathrin Flor

Kathrin Flor

Kathrin Flor
At the International Red Cross Tracing Service, partially housed in a former SS barracks in Bad Arolsen, Germany, Kathrin Flor initiates a search for Agnes Bulatova, one of six alias’ used by my mother during the War.
I capture my own ghostly reflection in one lone corridor of dozens that hold 30 million documents on concentration camps,Gestapo prisons, ghettos as well as on forced labour and displaced persons.

Do my mother’s records exist somewhere along side those SS victims of the real “Schindler’s List” kept at the International Red Cross Tracing Centre?

Take a moment to screen the original trailer for Schindler’s List, a movie with new, chilling connotations now for me, as a daughter learning for the first time of my mother’s confinement at Auschwitz.

With dread and hope, I seek evidence of my mom among these identity cards of SS victims.
Schindler's List
Looking through Schindler’s list.

Schindler’s List Trailer
The emotional impact of discovering actual documents of loved ones is so powerful, the Red Cross offers a special ‘acclimatizing visitors’ room for relatives to await the results of their searches.
Researchers assist in personal searches, as millions of pieces of paper are meticulously transferred to extensive data files.

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