The Traitor’s Daughter: Film Demo By

The Traitor’s Daughter: Film Demo

Exhuming secrets from the grave comes with a heavy price for a daughter obsessed with the truth about her mother’s wartime secrets. Against a backdrop of the darkest days of World War Two, the searing true story of one of Hitler’s Slaves and a Red Army soldier branded a traitor by Stalin. Canada’s only war bride from Russia: My mother.


  1. leslie fruman

    So intriguing – and moving. Personal stories like this always resonate with audiences – because everyone is always looking for themselves in other people’s stories – and a deeper understanding of their own stories. Everyone has a mother, every woman is a daughter – relationships always have their secrets. Can’t wait to see more of this. Good luck with the hunt for hidden stories.”

  2. Thanks for the encouragement in pursing the hidden stories, and your vote of confidence in this project, especially at this early stage!

  3. sharon whately

    “Roxana, I too am left wanting more after watching this. I also agree with Susan 100%. I am so looking forward to your finished documentary. It’s so hard to imagine the hardships your mom must have experienced. It makes me now wonder what my Dad saw that he never told us. He honored Remembrance Day like it was sacred. I honor it too with great respect but as a second generation citizen in respect for my Dad. Your documentary brings it closer to home for me already! It’s understandable that you have mixed feelings about researching and delivering such a powerful story. Thank you for your incredibly hard work, strength and courage.”

    1. Wow, Sharon, you really hit the nail on the head with your comments, and thank you for your ongoing support…

  4. Karen Servillon

    Learning about your documentary has really intrigued me. It’s fascinating learning about your mother’s story along with you and I believe it’s a good idea to share and enlighten people about such a tragic story. Especially, speaking on behalf of my generation, we all can be very ignorant to what happened during the war. And seeing this makes me empathize and realize the real pain behind the stories.

    I really look forward to the documentary!

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