The Last Witness

The Last Witness

The Last Witness
An extraordinary moment on the platform of the Chusovoy railway station where my mother and her sister, Nela Arhipova, are reunited after a fifty-year separation. It took the dissolution of the Soviet Union to make this scene possible.

grandmother's house_resized
My great grandmother’s house is still standing on the banks of the River Chusovaya. It was only when I saw the engraved family name on the door, I finally learned my mother’s real name.

On to Berlin! A Soviet era poster to inspire men and women together to fight as one.

In the Ural Mountains, the only generation of pure Soviet Citizens raised under official communist rule, are returning to the embrace of Russian Orthodoxy, including my aunt Ninel (named for Lenin, spelled backwards).

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  1. Hello Roxana, My name is Donna Spicer Meglio. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I moved to Pennsylvania approximately seven years ago. I just happened to come across your article today. My father passed away last week .Anyway, long story short his mothers name was Agnes Spicer. She was married to Harry Spicer. I was wondering if
    we could possibly be related in any way. I am honestly speechless regarding your film. I have always wondered about Hitler and watched several movies depicting the terrible things he had done. I loved the movie Schinlers List. Where do you live? I would like to follow the progress of this film even if we are not related. Thank you. Donna Spicer Meglio. Please e-mail me if you have time.

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