The Missing Thousand Days: THE CLUES  By

The Missing Thousand Days: THE CLUES

On March 27, 1940, in defiance of her mother’s wishes, Rosa Butorina (my mother’s real name) married a swarthy, Rudolph Valentino-esque man 20 years her senior. This is the last known photograph of her before she was captured by the Nazis in Poltava. The Nazi documents I uncovered in 2012 place her next in a concentration camp in Lithuania, a thousand days later. She’d changed her name, her date and place of birth, and her ‘religion’. ‘Rosa’ no longer existed.


Mauretania II F (1939-1965) WWII-1

RMS Mauretania: Do you recognize anyone in this photograph taken at Pier 21?

mom & jack cathedral

Wedding photograph Jack and Agnes Pfeil, February 1946, in front of unidentified Catholic Cathedral in Amsterdam: Where is this?


Two mystery Russian Brides-Maids” Vera and Nina: To our Russian visitors, do you know them?


The Passenger List: What clues remain at this first known address of Agnes Pfeil?

Dutch WB Elizabeth Ebbett

Maria the Yugoslavian war-bride heading to Edmonton, are you still alive?

Canadian Army in Bad Salzuflen 1944/45

Who was the unidentified Anglican priest from Edmonton attached to the Canadian liberating Army in Bad Salzuflen in 1945?

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