“The Traitor’s Daughter” evokes powerful parallels with “Dr. Zhivago” for leading German historian and film consultant.  By

“The Traitor’s Daughter” evokes powerful parallels with “Dr. Zhivago” for leading German historian and film consultant.

‘The Traitor’s Daughter’ is not just an intriguing story, reminiscent of epic narratives about what war does to the fabric of human life and civilization, such as we all know from Boris Pasternak’s masterwork ‘Dr Zhivago’. It is also a haunting exploration into who we are.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 5.52.13 PM“There is a saying that our lives last three hundred years. They begin one hundred years before our births and end a hundred years after our passing, because the people (and their actions) of that period either determine who we are or we determine them. Yet the perpetrators and victims alike of the darkest chapter of Europe’s 20th century for decades after the war were unable to speak about their experiences. We saw them, we witnessed them, we loved them, sometime we did not like them. But they always left a mark on us, they made us. Yet we did not really understand who they were. And we thus do not really understand who we are.”


‘The Traitor’s Daughter’ thus is a moving personal exploration of Roxana Spicer into who she is, and by extension who we all are. It is at once a story about Roxana’s mother Agnes, and about how the Second World War still determines who we are, sometimes without us really realising:  all across the Western World, both in the Western hemisphere and in Europe and Eurasia from the Atlantic to the Pacific.”

Dr. Thomas Weber: March 5, 2014


Dr. Thomas Weber’s book, “Hitler’s First War”  is currently being made into a German TV series  http://www.amazon.com/Hitlers-First-War-Hitler-Regiment/dp/0199226385. He was also consulted by German TV’s ZDF after its highly rated but controversial series “Our Mothers, Our Fathers” aired in Europe. Dr. Weber has joined the international detective story to help piece together the missing thousand days of my mother’s life at the hands of the Nazis. By coincidence, he was born less than 100 kilometers away from Bad Salzuflen, where Mom worked as one of Hitler’s Slaves  from March 1944 to May, 1945.

Hitler's First War


  1. Cheryl D Banks

    That quotation, “There is a saying…to the Pacific”, attributed to Dr. T. Weber, is pithy and so appropriate to your journey, Roxana, considering the roadblocks set up by your mother when you tried to talk to her. It is encouraging to know that lives go on for another lifetime in one’s descendants, and that is why your search is so important.
    I also intend to ruminate on the first part for a long while to work out how the thought relates to my own family history and “tree”.


    1. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing the story I doing is encouraging others to look deeply into their own family histories, and uncover their own unique gems. We are all products of those who came before us. We honour their legacy by remembering the stories that shaped them…and us.

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